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As someone who's been elk hunting for 5/6 years out here in Montana, and listening to The Rich Outdoors for the same amount of time, this course brought back important topics covered in Wapiti Wednesdays, And throughout the history of the podcast but put it in a more condensed format, that puts hundreds of hours of information at your fingertips. It connected dots during the off-season when pondering on all the mistakes I've made. Looking forward to next year! 

- Tj Capizzo






Not your every day run of the mill “how to kill an elk” info you see on YouTube. It goes way beyond your basic info and goes into a lot of out of the box way to think about elk hunting. After taking the course last year I tagged my first elk thanks to a lot of good tips I learned from the course. Highly recommended

- Dan Thomas


I’m an east coast hunter and this will be my first fall out west. I know a lot of guys who go out there and swing and miss over and over. I’m trying to look at this as more of a process of learning to hunt Elk than just coming out trying to kill an elk as my primary goal. If you’re organized, Elk 201 really gives you a system to put in place so you can work a real plan. I’m going through it a 2nd time right now as I prepare for the fall. I’m not sure what will happen but I am sure I will have a plan and that gives me a lot more confidence going into the season.

- Eric Wilson

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